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2 for 2 on IBW

ibw242How do you generate positive word of mouth?  How about if you decided to give away free stuff that people wanted each and every week.  That is precisely what the smart people at do on their site – one of my favorite sites on the web.

I have mentioned the site on this blog numerous times, as well as on social networks, in conversation, and at just about any opportunity I get to share it with others. For those who don’t know, gives away free books every week.  These books are some of the best business books ever written, and all that is required is to answer a couple fun questions.  It is truly brilliant.  The site went away for a while, but recently made a triumphant return to the web. I discovered it was back about three weeks ago.  In the time since I have entered in two give aways and have won in both!

Last week my latest prize from InBubbleWrap showed up in the mail – Sam Walton’s Made in America.   I am looking forward to reading it, although I have not yet read the last book I won from them.   The site is doing a great job of motivating me toward my goal of reading more this year.  I need to get busy so that I can keep up.

Why is the site so great?  Well I am an avid reader and now plan to order several books on my wish list from 800ceoread now as opposed to their numerous competitors.  I am not saying that I won’t pick up discounted books at B&N or Borders, but my first stop on the web is now going to be 800ceoread.  Why?  Well, Dr. Cialdini would explain this in terms of the basic principal of reciprocity.  It is why back in the day, Amway reps would give you tons of free samples of their products to try.  It is the same reason religous sects sometimes hand out flowers at the airport, and then ask you for a dollar.  They give value first.  Because they did something nice for me, I now want to return the favor.  I would guess that this principle was probably part of the inspiration for the inbubblewrap site.  Certainly I am not obligated to buy from them, but I just want to support them now by sending them my business – and telling you about them on my site.   Perhaps you will soon be doing the same.

What can your business learn from ?  For me it reminds me of something Seth Godin so brilliantly said in a recent blog post – Interact first, sell second.

Thanks to Dylan and the IBW Crew for hooking me up yet again!

InBubbleWrap: Made in America