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Archives for March 2006

Hire Me! a new page on the voice site

Thanks to WordPress and other platforms like it, the line between dynamic blog site and static web site is disappearing.  One of the great things about WordPress, the content management software that I use to create this site, is that it allows you to build dynamic and static web pages very easily.  It is also […]

Burba Continues Late-Career Comeback Try

I was shuffling through my Newsvines RSS feeds when I saw a name I recognized. It was pitcher Dave Burba. If ever you were looking for a sports hero to get behind, this is the guy. Dave is a 39 year old veteran baseball player, and one of the best people you could ever meet. […]

The power of blogs

During my tenure at Relizon, I lobbied hard for the company to create a blog. I was unsuccessful. I am now no longer there, but that is unrelated. So why am I writing about Relizon? I am not. I am actually writing about blogging. My argument to the company was that blogs are powerful in […]

Web Based Slideshows from

Recently I wrote a post about a Google buying web based word processing application Writely. Here is another example of a great web based application. Thumbstacks is a stripped down presentation building software tool. It is very similar to powerpoint, with a whole lot less of the functionality. Why less? Some people would rather just […]

March Madness on Demand on your PC!

Anyone who has read more than a few posts on voice knows how much I love free stuff. Here is something free that is worth getting excited about. CBS and the NCAA are offering the first rounds of March Madness over the internet for free. All you need to do is register by creating an […]

The Plateau

My search for a new job continues. This week was productive but tough, as I have had to fight to get through what I term “The Plateau.” The Plateau is the point in the job search where the initial rush of energy from being free begins to wane, and one must now dig a little […]

Google is Changing the Game

As has been shown over the last decade, it is basically impossible to create a traditional software package to compete with Microsoft’s Office Suite. Many have tried and many have failed. The primary tactics that companies have used have been to compete by adding features, or just making basically the same products for free. Still, […]

My Dad has a blog! Bob’s German Summer Tour

I never thought I would be telling you that my dad has a blog, but here I am doing just that.  He is organizing a trip to Germany this summer, and he is looking to get the word out to the public.  I suggested to him that he start a blog where he can talk […]

Great week on “the job hunt”

Well my first full week of job hunting is coming to a close, and I must say that so far I am very pleased. In the past week I have been to a few interviews, found some interesting positions, met many great people, attended networking and career development sessions, and even given a speech. It […]

Newsvine and the power of RSS

If you are an RSS geek like me, than you will love newsvine.  It is a site that featues news from around the world on a variety of topics, allows for tagging, and has a built in RSS feed.  I am subscribed to it, and now get dozens of news items sent directly to my […]