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Archives for May 2006

David Blaine: Magic or Moron?

David Blaine is in the headlines once again, this time for his death defying week in an aquarium. In yet another less than scientific poll from Voice, I pose the question "David Blaine- Magic or Moron?" Click here to cast your vote, then come back and voice your opinion on Mr. Blaine by leaving a […]

Happy Birthday Backpack! is chock full of project and time management goodness.  One of their tools "Backpack" turns one year old today, and I say Happy Birthday to you Backpack.  I discovered Backpack about 6 months ago, as I was reading Getting Things Done, by David Allen.  I decided to use the simple and free backpack interface […]

Save the Internet: Take Action Today

You may not know it, but some members of congress would like to put the Internet up for sale. The issue is Network Neutrality – the idea that on the Internet big and small are equal. It is the First Amendment applied to web.  Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner are shelling out a lot […]

Google Calendar – eInvites

A couple weeks ago I put up a post about the new google calendar. Well two weeks later, I am still loving it. I used the invitation feature today to confirm a lunch appointment that I had set up with a friend. It was so cool. My friend could not believe how professional it was […]

LyricWiki – lyrics at your fingertips

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away know as Springfield, Ohio, I was a singer in a band. It was 1989, and I was trying to learn the words to R.E.M.'s song, "The End of the World As We Know It." I sat with my cassette tape player and a notebook pushing play, rewind, […]

Real Men of Genius

While it is debatable who makes the best beer, there is little doubt as to who makes the best beer commercials – Bud Light. The good folks at Bud Light regularly produce entertaining spots for television, radio, and the net. They almost always deliver a few great Superbowl classics that get a lot of water […]

Make Mom’s Gift with Cafe Press

What to get mom for mother's day? A question for the ages. After all, how many Yankee Candles does one woman need? You want to get her something special to show her how much you love her, but what in the world could it be? Well, I may have a tip to put you in […]