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Archives for June 2006

The People of Pandora

Dear Pandora, Are you hiring?  Check out this post from the Pandora web site.   It discusses the people behind the Pandora "Music Genome Project."  The team of employees is responsible for listening to the songs that are played on Pandora and then classifying them based on their individual characteristics.  They dissect music for a […]

Is There A Reason I Should I Hate Australian Beef?

I was watching the NBA finals last night, (no, I don't know why) when I noticed a commercial for A&W Restaurants.  The crux of the commercial was that they were the patriotic choice for fast food because they use 100% American Beef.  According to the commercial some of their competitors allegedly use Australian beef.  They […]

How did your Congressional Representative Vote?

The House of Representatives followed the lead of giant telecom providers and powerful lobbyists by passing the COPE Act. This act contained no provisions to protect "Net Neutrality," putting the Internet one step closer to being radically reshaped for the worse. An amendment proposed by MA Representative Ed Markey, which included measures focused on ensuring […]

GTD with Google Spreadsheets

Last summer I read the wonderful book by David Allen, Getting Things Done. The book helped to answer many of my questions regarding how to manage the growing demands of life. The downside of the book is that since completing it last summer, I have been searching for just the right tool to help me […]

Save Free Speech on the Net!

Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently composed an open letter to users of Google, asking them to get involved in the battle over net neutrality.  The issue is nearing a vote in congress, and the time to make your voice heard is now.  If you feel that the Internet should remain a free forum for communications, […]

Thoughts on Mascots & Marketing

Drive around Dayton, Ohio on a sunny Saturday, and you are sure to see dozens of mascots trying to rent you an apartment. From Tigger to Spiderman, Clowns to Kings they are literally everywhere. I took a picture of this guy about a month ago. He, or someone else from his company, stands out on […]

He Likes It, He Really Likes It

My friend Doug Dockery made my day. Doug started a blog a few weeks ago, and in a recent post he said that I was one of the people who helped to introduce him to blogging. I inspired him, which feels pretty damn good. Three weeks into it, Doug is now officially hooked on blogging, […]

Beware “Marketing Potholes”

Look Out! Are you in danger of falling into a "marketing pothole?" Check out Seth Godin's recent posts on avoiding these all too common obstacles to success. Seth's blog is always a great read, but these posts are exceptional. Personally I like the third post. I occasionally find myself falling into the trap of "what […]

Net Neutrality on Now

Should large telecommunications companies be given the right to control the content of the internet or should the net remain an open forum for all to contribute? The issue, know as net neutrality, is being debated in the halls of congress and the boardrooms of businesses, and the outcome will have a major impact on […]

Alien Beats Devil: Rock Paper Scissors 25

What the magic 8 ball is to decision making, Rock, Paper, Scissors is to conflict resolution. Now arrives proof that you can make anything better, or at least more entertaining, with Rock, Paper Scissors 25 -an updated version of the classic hand gesture game. The new version includes man, woman, air, cockroach, fire, the devil, […]