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2008 Tour d’Burg!

The 2008 Tour d’ Burg.  What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon – surrounded by family and friends, gathered in downtown Miamisburg, watching hundreds of great cyclists compete for the Ohio State Championship.  Even better we got to cheer for my brother in law Geoff, who was competing in the race – his last as a category 5 cyclist.

To our delight, Geoff finished 2nd in his race – one that saw a handful of cyclists sprint it out for the last 300 yards to the finish line.  Geoff made a late push down the final straight-away and overtook 2 others just as he crossed the line.  It was thrilling to watch.  My wife and I, and everyone else there were jumping up and down and cheering as Geoff rode past us triumphantly.  I think he had the loudest cheering section of anyone in the event. It was awesome to see him come across the finish line with such enthusiasm.  I know how much he loves cycling and how hard he has worked to get good at it.  It was a moment to remember.

This was our second Tour d’ Burg – and again it was a great day. The Miamisburg Police Department handed out free bike helmets for children, vendors handed out clickers, noise makers, and trinkets, and there was face painting, balloons, games, and food vendors galore.  The event was not overly crowded, but had enough people there to make it an exciting event.

I hope that Miamisburg will continue to put this event on, as it is quickly becoming one of my favorite summer happenings.  I also hope that Geoff will be riding in next year’s race.  Although the competition will be stronger, I know Geoff has what it takes to bring home a trophy or two for the day’s efforts.  And if he rides in a better category, that just means that our cheering section will have to step it up next year too – which of course will be fun.

Did you attend the Tour d’ Burg?  What did you think of the day?  Will you go again?

Here are some pictures of the event, courtesy of another great brother in law – Chad –  who served as the unofficial photographer for the day’s events.

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