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Archives for January 2008

Searching for Solutions –

In a move that redefines the size, scope, and direction of corporate philanthropy, Google recently announced a set of initiatives designed to make a positive impact on the world. This philanthropic arm of the search giant can be found at I would guess you can “google” it too. These initiatives will be funded with […]

Same Voice – New Site,

I would like to announce the launch of my new site – The site has been up for a little over a week now, and I am starting to get it good and populated with delicious and tasty morsels of content. There are podcasts, marketing news, observations on life, cool tech links, and various […]

Scheduling Meetings Made Easy: Doodle

“When can we all meet?” How often have you had this question lead to an agonizing chain of disorganized, unending, unnecessary emails, only to discover that 1/2 of the group never actually got the final meeting time. If you are like me, it happens often, and when it does it creates frustration and wastes a […]

If Your Company Closed Tomorrow Would Anyone Care?

Last spring, when author and Marketeer John Moore came to Dayton, he spoke about what makes a business or brand important. One thing that has stuck with me from his fantastic presentation was this. “If your business was gone tomorrow, would anyone care?” What a profound question, and great way to gauge if your business […]

Bring Ideas to Life

Looking for that breakthrough idea? Trying to flush out the creative gems located deep within the recesses of your brain? Trying to invent the greatest thing since the greatest thing since sliced bread? Try using This free, online mind-mapping tool is a great way to bring your ideas closer to life. The tool allows […]

Accessing the Web at Work: Stick It to the Man

I was telling my friend, the kid, about my new site last week, and he informed me that his company is now filtering out most of the good things found on the web. Thus, it was going to be tough for him to check in regularly. “How dare they?” I responded. I told him that […]

Save Time, Do More:

Recently, I discovered that it’s possible to post to my blog from If you are not familiar with, well…it is one of the most amazing and useful services that you can find. Jott offers free voice to text translation. So when you are in your car and think of that great idea, simply […]

Improve Your Productivity with Toodledo

I am a huge fan of David Allen and his GTD (Getting Things Done) system. Sadly, in the 2 years since I first read his book I have spent countless hours looking for a tool to help me keep track of all the various things I want to accomplish. Not really what he, or I, […]

Meatball Sundae: Mmm Good

Seth Godin is an amazing author, marketing thought leader and agent of change. His brilliance was proven to me yet again, as I read through the pages of his latest book, Meatball Sundae. The book is about the alignment of an organization’s marketing with its cultural mindset and makeup.

Voices: Episode 1 – Steven L. Johnson, PhD

I am happy to introduce a new project entitled “Voices.” This will be an ongoing series of interviews with interesting people I know – some better than others. In doing so, I hope to provide a range of perspectives on the world. I plan on asking a few questions, and letting someone else do the […]