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Archives for April 2008

Hot Stock Tip!

I am no stock market analyst, but If this story from the BBC proves to be true, it would be wise to purchase these stocks now: Luxotica (Lens Crafters) Kimberly Clark (Kleenex) KAO Brands (Jergens) Do you think any of these companies have had meetings to discuss the implications of this on their marketing? How […]

Communication – The Point of PowerPoint

A few weeks back I was asked by fellow LUCRUM employee and friend Andy Erickson to speak to the Agile Round Table, a technology focused group that meets monthly here in Cincinnati. The topic – PowerPoint. It was supposed to be done 20 seconds per slide, and 20 slides, but once I got going I […]

Be Prepared to Sell Me Something

As a loyal Target customer, there is one thing that consistently frustrates me about the shopping experience – the consistent lack of readiness. When the doors are opened, the place should be fully stocked and ready to make money. Alas, almost every time I visit a Target store, at least one of the aisles is […]

The Physics of Marketing: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Isaac Newton lived from 1643 – 1727, and is about as close to a superstar as any scientist could be. People far beyond the world of physics know Sir Isaac. He helped to invent calculus, and was actually the first scientist to be knighted in Britain. Newton’s work is widely known and has been the […]

Google Docs Shifts Gears

This post is about Google Gears and Google Docs. I will get to that, but first a question. Do you have a Google Account? If not, get one. It takes about 2 minutes to set up, and allows you to take advantage of so many wonderful, free tools – one of which is Google Docs. […]

Congratulations Ian

My nephew Ian has been named the WCPO Channel 9 Student of the Week. This is quite an accomplishment, and just the latest cool thing, in an ongoing series of cool things, that Ian has accomplished. If anyone is deserving of this honor, it is Ian. He is an amazing young man, who is highly […]

The Physics of Marketing – Mach’s Principle

Ernst Mach, was an Austrian Philosopher and Physicist. He lived from 1838 to 1916. His principle proposed the idea that “mass there influences inertia here.” That means that the gravity of far away things affects how nearby things move. Thus motion is only meaningful when measured against another object. For example, we know the earth […]

The Physics of Marketing

The Physics of Marketing is a new project that I am launching. I don’t understand Physics. I have never taken a formal class on the subject, and my exposure to Physics has been limited. However, I find Physics to be fascinating. Something I do know a little about, though some days I question that too, […]

Google – Elmer Fudd Style

Wooking for a weelly funny way to wead google? Click on the Search Preferences link just to the right of the logo. Once you are on the preferences screen, click on the drop down box (for most readers of this site, that will be set on English already) and then scroll down until just before […]

Email the Past – Happy April 1 from Google

Google always delivers something fun on April 1st. This year is no exception Check out Gmail Custom Time. Imagine being able to have a tool where you could email into the past… Now wouldn’t that be fun Here is a brief excerpt: “I just got two tickets to Radiohead by being the ‘first’ to respond […]