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Archives for June 2008

If I Was In Charge Of… Staples

I was watching game 3 of the NBA finals last night, which was being played in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. The building is home to the Lakers, and hosts concerts and other events as well. There are frequently blimps flying around the building, shooting the all too familiar overhead view of the venue. […]

Worth 1,000 Words

Who said church marketing sucks? I saw this sign outside of a church in Cincinnati today, and of course had to go back and snap a picture… and of course had to share it with you. Now, either this church is taking a REALLY different approach to attracting new parishioners, or they need to get […]


Thanks to the Dayton Business Journal for the wonderful article they wrote about the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio’s Mudstock 08 Mud Volleyball Tournament.  Like every non profit, we don’t have much budget for advertising – so free publicity is really appreciated.  So again… THANK YOU!   As is stated in the article, we are […]

Stairway to Heaven and Marketing

Visual learners check out this great illustration from David Armano of Logic + Emotion portraying brand loyalty. So simply displayed. so easy to understand. So hard, seemingly, for most to achieve. David also created this brilliant picture, describing the shift from the classic (and dying) marketing funnel approach to the emerging idea of the Marketing […]

Great News Chad!

I know a certain connoisseur of Red Wine – also a frequent visitor to this site – who will be delighted to read this article in the NY Times. According to this, he might now be the healthiest member of my extended family. Who knew? The article states that Red Wine has numerous health benefits, […]

If I Was in Charge of Rolling Rock…

Week 2 in my series of “If I was in charge.” I discovered that it is more difficult than I thought to pick a company. Inspiration comes from many sources, and tonight, it happens to come “from the glass lined tanks of Old Latrobe.” – Rolling Rock. So, if I was in Charge of Rolling […]

Help! I Need Somebody…

Do you live in or around Dayton, Ohio?  Are you interested in spending an hour or two per month making new connections and sharpening your professional skills – all while making a huge difference in the lives of people in need of help? If so, please consider volunteering to help the Epilepsy Foundation of Western […]