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5 Reasons to Join Dayton Marketing Community

5reasonsIf you are a marketing professional living or working in the Dayton, Ohio area, I want to encourage you to join a social network I created – Dayton Marketing Community.

The site is constantly evolving, and new members are joining every day.  There are so many reasons why you should join.  Here are 5:

  1. Find A Job – The Dayton economy has been hit hard in the past few years.  As a result many very talented people are looking for work.  Whether you are looking for full time employment or free lance opportunities, the Dayton Marketing Community has a continuous stream of the latest marketing job postings in the area.   There are 3 rss driven modules that are automatically refreshed with new postings throughout the day, and members of the community regularly post opportunities that would not otherwise be found.
  2. Find Employees – If you are looking to hire the best and brightest marketing talent in the area, look no further.  The Dayton Marketing Community features a diverse range of professionals from across the region.  From seasoned executives to college marketing students, chances are that the person you are looking for with that one of a kind skill is on the site.
  3. Find Ideas – The Dayton Marketing Community has a very diverse group of professionals.  Printers, video producers, non-profit marketing professionals, art brokers, pr specialists, agency employees, corporate marketers, entrepreneurs, academics, students, and on and on.. That said,  there is a constant influx of new ideas and innovative concepts.  Just today, I learned about a local printer that has a machine that actually prints textures.  Who knew?  Just one of the countless bits of information that can be found on the site.
  4. Find Events – The Dayton Marketing Community has an events calendar that is open to all members.  So if you are looking for somewhere to meet other marketing professionals and business leaders in the area, you can find what you need right here.  In addition to that, the site contains an embedded google calendar that I maintain which lists additional area events.  So what if there is still nothing to do?  Well, you can simply create your own event and invite people to attend.  Want to talk about that great book you just read?  Event.  Discuss the super bowl ads?  Event.  Get a committee together to support your non-profit organization?  Event.  Just like that you can be in control of what is happening in the community.  No permission needed.
  5. Find Friends – People want to do business with their friends.  This is a site where you can make friends & interact with them daily.  Nearly all of the members of the site are in the field of Marketing in some capacity and work or live in Dayton.   These are people whom you can do business with and who can do business with you.  Unlike other social media sites, which are great in their own rights, this one is focused on a tight niche.  As they say, “the riches are in the niches.”

Join the Dayton Marketing Community today!