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Are You A Gmail Ninja?

Like every suburban white kid who grew up in the early 1980’s, I love and respect the Ninja.  I am not sure if this affection is traced back to GI Joe’s nemesis Storm Shadow, the short lived show "The Master," readily available ninja throwing stars that you could pick up at the Upper Valley Mall, the Karate Kid, the Last Dragon, or any number of other 80’s depiction of mad martial arts skills.   It is likely a combination of all of these factors, plus New Coke, Dippity Doo and more that makes the Ninja so revered. 

Anyway, the Ninja is about as lethal as they come.  Unmatched skill, speed, strength, and poise.  Yet I honestly believe that even the finest 80’s ninja would likely be overwhelmed by a modern foe known as email inbox overload.  Yes, the nemesis of business people and citizens alike, email overload is a bane to the modern existence. 

So what is an 80’s ninja to do?  Put down the throwing stars, flash powder and sword and get a gmail account.  Then, check out this sweet guide from Google on how to become a Gmail Ninja.  It contains many great tips on how to better manage email with filters, archives, folders, hotkeys, labels, tasks, and more.  I believe that upon reading the article I am currently a blackbelt – but not yet a master.  Perhaps it is time to sand the floor, paint a fence or wax a vehicle to enhance my skills.

In all seriousness, the article has many great tips for keeping your gmail inbox under control, freeing up time for you to go back to YouTube and watch Bruce Lee clips.  Check it out.

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