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Better Education

Springboro SchoolsSpringboro, Ohio is fortunate to have an excellent school system.  We are consistently ranked among the best school districts in the Dayton region and in the State of Ohio.  We have outstanding teachers, high-performing students, excellent facilities, dedicated staff members, strong administrative leaders, and a board that is focused on supporting the success of the district.

Education is essential to our future.  While the schools in Springboro are outstanding, in order to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow, we must adapt and implement proactive change today.  Not only do we need education, we also have a need for better education.

What do I mean by better education? I mean finding answers to questions such as:

  • How can we better use technology at home and in the classroom to further education?
  • How can ensure children are versed in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education?
  • How can we better enrich the lives of our children through educating them about arts and humanities?
  • How can we better prepare our children to use creativity as a driver of innovation?
  • How can we better incorporate servant leadership, problem solving, philanthropy and civic pride into education?
  • How can we better involve parents and community members  in the educational process?
  • How can we better educate our children for success in a world that does not yet exist?
  • How can we better manage the balance between measurable standards and innovative educational exploration?
  • How can we change what we are doing to provide a better education for our children and a better system of education for our community, our state, our country, and our world?

While I have my own answers to many of these questions, I would not pretend to be fool enough to have THE answers to any of them.  These questions, and many others like them, are deeply complex.  Developing complete, thoughtful, and viable answers to them in a way that best serves our children and our community is best done through incorporating a diverse set of perspectives, values, and human experiences.  A discussion focused on making education better is best served when all voices are heard, all ideas expressed, and common values and principles are uncovered and embraced to shape a cohesive vision for the future.

In the spirit of this idea, Springboro Schools are launching a year-long campaign to gather feedback from people across the community to create a vision for  “better education.”  The ultimate goal is to create a formal vision for our schools that can serve as a compass as we face decisions about the direction of the district.  This is not an initiative about politics or power but rather it is about the principles that will define our community and shape the lives of future generations.

The first step in this year long process is a series of community meetings that the district is organizing.  These meetings are your opportunity to articulate your vision for the future and listen to the views and priorities of others in the community.  These open sessions are designed to encourage all who attend to speak, listen, learn, and contribute positively to the process of creating a strong vision for success.  These sessions are open to the public and important to the future.  I encourage you to attend one of them, to share your views, and to expand your perspective. Help create a system of “better education” for our children and our community.

The scheduled times for the sessions are:

  • Wednesday, May 14th
    • 9:30 to 11:30am at Coffman YMCA
    • 6:30 to 8:30pm at Clearcreek Elementary
  • Monday, June 23rd
    • 10:00am to Noon at Springboro High School
    • 6:30 to 8:30pm at Coffman YMCA
  • Tuesday, August 9th
    • 10:00am to Noon at Coffman YMCA
    • 6:30 to 8:30pm at Clearcreek Township Government Center


I truly believe that all of us together are smarter than any one of us alone.  I encourage you to attend one of the sessions, share your thoughts, and play an active role in shaping the future of Springboro Schools.  Get involved and help to create better education.


You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. – Abraham Lincoln