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bloodBlood sustains human life.  Oxygenated, healthy, red blood.  Without it we die.  Yet, oddly enough many people pass out at the site of it.  They are terrified of the very thing that sustains them.  Even the thought of it makes some queasy.  But, afraid of it or not, blood is vital.

Customers are like blood.  I have even heard it said that customers are the lifeblood of an organization.  Without them, and the money they spend, a company will die.  Yet many employees and entire companies are afraid of blood – afraid and resistant to really talk and listen to their customers.  Afraid to see the blood that sustains them.

When something goes poorly and things deviate from the plan, blood is spilled.  What happens next is vitally important to marketing.  The cut may be a minor scrape or a gaping wound, but both reveal blood.   If the response is to “look away” the wound will fester.  It may continue to bleed out over time, sapping the life of a company with it.  It may heal up, only to become infected because no remedy was sought.  It is not a good idea to be afraid of blood if you hope to stay in business.

If the response is to carefully cleanse the wound, taking every effort to heal it and taking steps to avoid another cut,  blood will continue to properly flow and life will likely be sustained.

Things go wrong from time to time.  Cuts and scrapes happen.   Don’t let the fear of a little blood keep you from improving what you do.  Your life depends on it.