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Real Men of Genius

While it is debatable who makes the best beer, there is little doubt as to who makes the Real Men of Geniusbest beer commercials – Bud Light. The good folks at Bud Light regularly produce entertaining spots for television, radio, and the net. They almost always deliver a few great Superbowl classics that get a lot of water cooler time the day after the big game. My favorite campaign from Bud Light has to be "Real Men of Genius." (which actually started out as Real American Heroes) They all feature a golden toned announcer and the lead singer of Survivor paying tribute to American culture. Every spot follows an identical format and still they manage to crack me up time and time again. There is now a collection of these gems online. Check out the link, and voice your opinion on Real Men of Genius by leaving a comment below. Which one is your favorite and why? Thanks to D. Wade for forwarding the link.

Bud Light Real Men of Genius Commercials … Listen Now! – from Jim and Lynnette's Fun Times Guide