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Canal Street Tavern – Take Two

Last night Derek Wade and I took the stage at Canal Street Taven in Dayton, Ohio for the second time in as many months.  We performed a half hour set of original music, that included a few new songs, a few old songs, and even a few songs with Derek playing Banjo.  While were were not flawless in our performance, we enjoyed the heck out of it – which is more important than perfection to me right now.  My favorites from the night were Derek singing the song "Devotion" and a revised version of "The Shape of What Surrounds," a song we wrote and recorded years ago.  

I want to thank family and friends who showed up last night to support us. (Not to mention the DCS adobe user group members who stuck around after their meeting to check us out.)  I hope you had 1/2 as much fun as we did.  I am not sure when the next gig will be, but I will keep you posted. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

In the meantime I plan to continue writing new songs, playing old ones, and enjoying the experience of making music. 

For those who could not make it last night but want to check it out, check out the play list of videos below. They are also on YouTube along with the video from May.  Enjoy!