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This is a song I recorded on my ipad in the basement last spring. It’s a short little tune about simply being there for someone you love. It’s called Anytime.

12 of My Favorites Reads From 2015

I love to read books. In recent years, with free time being more limited, I’ve opted to do a lot more of my “reading” on my way to and from work with Audible audio books. (Thanks Mom for a great birthday present.) For me, listening to audio books better than listening to pop music, learning […]

A Bad Painting, A Great Memory

Last weekend, Colleen, the kids, and I went to the craft store, bought some small canvases and paints, and came home to paint some original masterpieces. We spent the next hour creating.  It was great.  When I say that it was great, let me be clear that my painting was not great.  It pretty much […]

My 3 Words for 2013

I recently completed reading the book, Amazing Things Will Happen by C.C. Chapman.  The book is filled with useful nuggets of wisdom and short bits of great advice from the author.  One of the ideas that struck a chord with me was about choosing 3 words to use as a mantra for guiding your actions […]

about my time

The latest recording from the basement is a tune called “about my time.” This song is about growing older, becoming comfortable in your own skin, recalling the bittersweet memories of youth, and embracing today. Hope you enjoy – about my time Hadn’t seen your face in such a long time Hadn’t heard your voice or […]

Stay Strong

For creative fun, I’ve been playing around with writing some songs, recording them on the ipad, and now testing out uploading them to soundcloud.  This song is called Stay Strong. STAY STRONG Come on and walk with me Down past the willow tree They say it weeps But I can’t tell you why We’ll share […]