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cherryFor all of my adult life, the length of which is debatable, I did not eat cherries.  For whatever reason, I decided that I did not care for them.  It was not like I hated them, I just had no interest in eating them.  Ironically, I have always loved cherry flavored Kool Aid, candy, gum, and soda, but wanted nothing to do with eating the actual fruit.

I think this lack of interest can be traced to the disgusting, super sweet, mushy cherries featured along with pears and peaches in the corn syrup laden dietary garbage known as fruit cocktail.  In the 70’s this was believed to actually be healthy.  I was subjected to it regularly as part of a healthy and balanced diet, which also included bologna roll ups, jello, Frankeberry cereal, and slices of american cheese cut in shapes with cookie cutters.  It was a different time.  Anyway, I hated the cherries in fruit cocktail, and think as I grew older I just thought that is what cherries tasted like.  Compounding this was the fact that these same cherries were always placed on top of ice cream sundaes – annoying me because I had to pick them off every time I ordered the Jim Dandy at Friendly’s.  Stupid cherries…

Now, in the last two months, I have probably eaten at least 20 pounds of cherries.  I love them.  They are delicious.  I particularly love the Rainier cherries, which are yellow and a little more tart than their red bretheren.

My change of heart started when I was riding in my brother Bob’s car one day – starving from having forgotten to eat breakfast.  We were on our way to play golf, and he had a huge bag of cherries sitting on his console.  He offered me some, but initially I declined.  Eventually, I gave in to my hunger, and decided that I would rather eat gross cherries than be hungry all morning.  One bite and I immediately became aware of the error of my ways.  Cherries are awesome.

I now have a new favorite snack – one that is both delicious and healthy.   Not to mention I can spit the pits at things, which is an added bonus.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, because we all go through life carrying with us a number of assumptions about things.  Sometimes it pays to challenge these assumptions.