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Congratulations Ian

Student of the WeekMy nephew Ian has been named the WCPO Channel 9 Student of the Week. This is quite an accomplishment, and just the latest cool thing, in an ongoing series of cool things, that Ian has accomplished. If anyone is deserving of this honor, it is Ian. He is an amazing young man, who is highly intelligent, extremely involved, and uber cool. Beyond that, he is the only thing keeping my itunes library even close to relevant, and he frequently tells me things about the world that amaze me. I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, and I have spent the last several years watching him become this amazing person right before my eyes. I am not surprised at how bright he is, as his mother (my sister), has been educating and amazing me all of my life. They are quite similar, and I am blessed to know them both. Ian, my congratulations go out to you. I know that there will be many more accolades ahead. Keep believing you can change the world. Keep speaking out. Keep using your gifts to make a difference. You inspire others to do the same. Others like me.

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