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Crash Course in New Marketing at UD

Professor Irene Dickey, one of my favorite instructors from the University of Dayton, emailed me earlier this week to inform me about a very interesting upcoming event at UD – SPEED Marketing: 10 HOT Marketing Ideas Presented to YOU by Senior UD Marketing Students.

The event sounds like it will be a lot of fun and a great chance to learn about some of the emerging trends in Marketing.  It sounds like anyone can attend, provided you let them know you are coming.  I am planning on being there, taking in some great information, making some connections with some of tomorrow’s marketing thought leaders, and having a great time.  I hope to see you there.

The details are as follows:

Please forward to your Marketing Colleagues; send your Marketing Team…be our guest!
SPEED Marketing:  10 HOT Marketing Ideas Presented to YOU by Senior UD Marketing Students
The most efficient, interesting hour & 15 minutes you can spend to learn more about MKT

New Marketing Ideas 2008:
In today’s ever changing marketplace, there is a continuous need for good ideas.  So what are some of the hot new ideas in 2008?

Come to a unique “SPEED Marketing Bootcamp” presented by Sr. University of Dayton Marketing Students.  Marketing professionals identified 10 New Marketing Ideas for 2008 and these students researched them, applied them and will present them to you efficiently, thoroughly and in ways that are sure to be interesting and relevant.   These ideas might not all be right for every brand, but each contains the ingredient critical to any good marketing, cleverness, which might solve a problem you’ve got. Greenrating, Petro Marketing, Dark Marketing, Text Messaging Gets BIG…and more

Who Should Attend:
This is a fast paced series of 10 six to seven minute presentations strategically researched and developed by senior level marketing students in their capstone marketing experience course.   From those who are new to the marketing profession to those who are in positions with responsibilities such as marketing, sales and sales management, advertising, promotion, brand building, and even those who own their own business would find this unique Boot Camp useful and interesting.

When & Where:

Bring your colleagues and or tell a friend!
RSVP Back to Irene Dickey &; parking & other information!