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Creativity in your life

Today I attended the second session of Artie Isaac’s Creativity in Your Life seminar series at the Columbus Museum of Art. This three part series is designed to help people rediscover and cultivate creativity in daily life. The two classes have been great. Artie is an incredible teacher – full of life, honesty, and thoughtful insight. The hour and a half spent learning from him is some of the most valuable education I have received in my adult life. His teaching has reminded me that life is short, our time is limited, and we as humans should spend more of our time being creative and exploring our passion and less of it on things of little importance.

I have challenged myself as part of the course to get back into making music. My goals are realistic in that I am not planning on quitting my day job, loading up the family in a vw bus, and touring the nation in jump suits. Rather, I am going to focus on one by one completing the many mood Inge and riffs I have compiled over the years and actually creating some fully formed songs. I will try to write them one by one, and ideally complete one a month. Given the time, I’ll try to record them too. First and foremost, I just want to create. It is too important not to.

In doing this, I hope to rekindle my love for writing and playing music. I want to use my talents, modest as they may be, to make something. Will it be great or even any good? Who knows? I guess the point is to just enjoy the moment – the act of creating – and go with it.

Good, bad, or otherwise, I want to thank Artie for continuing to push me down the path of creativity. I am excited to see where it goes next.

The photo was taken in class, as part of an exercise on the importance of perspective. Given the right perspective, you can easily make the equation true. Do you see it?