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David E. Bowman Squidoo Lens a hit!

Was it a good idea to build a lens on about me and my search for employment?  Well thus far the answer would be "Yes."  Launched just days ago, is currently ranked  #125 in popularity.  To add perspective to that, there are reportedly about 20,000 lenses currently up and running in Squidoo, so 125 is pretty good in my estimation.  I would consider it to be a hit so far.  Hopefully that base hit will lead to the homerun I am seeking in finding a new job.  That remains to be seen.  If you have not seen the lens yet, check it out.  Please send me your feedback on how I can improve it.  If you have never seen Squidoo, definately don't stop at my lens.  There are so many great lenses on so many interesting topics that you are sure to find something amazing.  I have Squidoo loaded into my Firefox search bar so that when I need information about a topic I am just a few keystrokes away from an expert.  For those who have already visited the site- and this one- thank you for your support.

Squidoo : David E. Bowman