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You may be asking yourself, “why the heck did he write the word delicious with all those periods in the title?” If so than than this post is for you. is a social bookmarking web site, or actually a community of them. allows users to “Tag” web pages that they enjoy or find to be remarkable in some way. The tags are stored publically, and then catalogued online. You can have your own page of tags linking to great stuff on the web. Why is this interesting? You can search the site to gather information on a topic. You can share things you love on the net with others, by creating your own tags. You can also look around to discover what other people are interested in discussing. My favorite thing about is that the site enables me to document resources that I come across on the internet, and then access them from any computer, anywhere. (assuming I can get to the net) Firefox even has an extension that creates a toolbar button that allows me to Tag pages with one simple click. No longer do I need to remember sites. I just go to my page and can find whatever I saved, sorted with my tags. makes the web easier to navigate, easier to surf, and easier to share. Check out today. If you are so inclined, tag posts you like (or hate) here on voice. Share your tags with me and others, and please place your comments below.

Want to see what I have tagged? Take a look at my tag page.