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Did you see this? January 9th, 2009

Did You See This?Time to share the love yet again.   Here are some recently discovered snippets from around the web.

Friend and former LUCRUM co-worker Andy Erickson was the featured author of an excellent article on Soapbox Cincinnati.

comScore ranking of social sites – Thanks to fellow Kenton Ridge Cougar Bill Sterzenbach for sending this to me. has a great article about how to use Photoshop – and countless others too.  Damn good web site.

Check out this photo of 3 past US Presidents, the current President, and the incoming President.  Cool picture regardless of your political persuasion.

Do you understand RSS?  You need to. Do you use an RSS Reader?  You should. If you want to learn more about it, check out this GoogleReader tutorial post.

I was talking to someone I know this week who had never heard of the music site Pandora.  I am still amazed by it, so why not throw in a link just in case you have not heard of it either.  Still one of the coolest sites on the web.  It gets better every time I use it.