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Enjoy the Ride

BicycleMy brother in law Geoff is a cycling enthusiast – a self described Crank Addict.  He is also a scientist with a disdain for senseless human consumption and laziness.  So, when I was listening to a story on NPR’s Morning Edition about Cargo Bikes, I could not resist blogging about it for Geoff and others.

I live close to an amazing grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market.  I frequently make the less than 1 mile drive there an hour or so before meal time to grab some bread, missing ingredients, fresh produce, and other last minute additions to dinner.  Out of convenience, I opt for driving – even on nice sunny days.  The idea of a cargo bike to head to the hardware store, grab some groceries, and ride back home is appealing to me.  This concept is great.  I think it could be very interesting for urban businesses that deliver goods in population dense areas.  I suppose I could probably get the same benefits as a cargo bike from my mountain bike and a back-pack.  Not only could something like this lower carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption, by increasing exercise it could improve public health and lower health care expenditures.  Even better, riding a bike is fun.

As I ponder 2010, and changes I want to make in my life I think about simple things like this idea.  While it is not likely that I am going to spend money on a new “cargo bike,” I do think there is huge value in looking for opportunities to replace sedentary behaviors like driving with active ones like riding a bike to the grocery.  Nope, I am not ready to commit to “health nut” status, but maybe, just maybe, I can use modest increases in exercise to work off some of that delicious beer, cheese, and bread I bring home from DLM.  Besides that if a 26.2 mile run is going to be on my list of goals for 2010, I am going to need all the help I can get.

Bicycle Photo Courtesy of ! Ramblinworker