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GetMidwest Campaign Facing Global Competition?

I saw on today that the Dayton Development Coalition launched their website. In my humble opinion, all sides have now voiced their respective opinions on the merits and shortcomings of this campaign, and it seems as if there is not much more to say about it. In spite of my creative differences, I will certainly “get behind it” by freely telling people about the quality of life in Dayton and the surrounding area – something I already do regularly. The site does look very nice. There are beautiful photographs, maps, industry information, and all kinds of interesting facts about Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley.

There are a few concerns though….

Google Get Midwest, and you get a bunch of blogs, mine included, questioning it. Uhhhh.. that’s not so good. Same results if you include Dayton in the Query.

Of greater concern is the threat of global competition with Get MIdwest posed by this breaking news…

GetMideast – The Tehran Region: “We Think of Everything… For You”

I Think of Everything For You!

Based on the reports that I am getting from my sources on the ground, the campaign is focused on how the Tehran Region, led by government officials, is proactively coming together through investing heavily in the growing industry of the nuclear technology industry cluster – for peaceful means only of course.

I hope that no one will mix this up with our campaign. We are a totally different direction. Midwest!

Of Even More Concern is This Campaign….

GetMedieval: “We Get Even…A Pair of Pliers and a Blowtorch”

Get Medieval

Well, at least we didn’t pick that one…

I hope the people at the DDC have a sense of humor, and I do sincerely hope the Get Midwest campaign is successful. Southwestern Ohio is a great place, with a lot to offer. The cost of living is low, the weather is nice (most of the time), there is little traffic to speak of, clean water, plenty of entertainment, creative thinkers, innovative businesses, and amazing and friendly people everywhere.

If you were looking for the DDC site and came across mine, know that I think Dayton is wonderful. And if you are out there thinking should I or shouldn’t I “Get MIdwest,” the answer is yes. Yes, you probably should.

Have you heard of similar campaigns? If so, please do share. Best that we know now.