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Give Firefox a Try!

FIrefox LogoWhy Firefox?  Well the answer to that question is different for everyone.  The reason I chose to use Firefox was out of simple human curiosity. I had seen it recommended, and thought I'll give it a shot. I was not unhappy with Internet Explorer. How could I have been, because I had never used anything else. IE was all I knew. So I tried Firefox. At first I thought, "OK, so what is the big deal?" Then I found out about the built in RSS feeds. I enjoyed that a lot, but I still was not convinced. Then I discovered extensions that allowed me to customize the tools I use to surf the web. Now I was on board. Then I got into tabbed browsing, which meant I did not have to have multiple windows open at once. I could use simple, easy to navigate tabs to power surf the net, and then I was hooked. Shortly thereafter, IE announced a big repair that was necessary to keep my computer safe. That sealed the deal for me. I have never turned back to IE, except when I must use it on a site that does not support Firefox. (That is a short list now, and there is an extension that will automatically open IE for you in such instances) I switched out of curiosity, but that may not motivate you. Perhaps your motivating factor for trying out this awesome tool is security. Well now is your chance. Microsoft announced that it is again going to release a patch to fix vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. The patch is expected to come with a scheduled update on April 11. Until then, why not give Firefox a try? You will reduce your exposure to potential harm, and you may just start to love using the internet again. Tabbed browsing, extensions, themes, search bars, and it is FREE… Firefox is, in my humble opinion, safer, better, and so much more fun. So knowing that you may be at risk between now and mid April, now is the time to take Firefox for a test drive. Take it for a three week spin around the net. If you hate it, go back to IE when it is fixed. If you love it. Keep using it, customizing it, and enjoying the new web!

Microsoft is warning users about three serious security problems in its Internet Explorer browser