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Google Calendar Launches Outlook Sync Tool… Outlook and GCal can play nice with each other. I love Google Calendar, but when your office uses Outlook as a way to see when you are free for meetings, it is tough to keep things straight – until now. Google has finally developed a tool to sync the Google Calendar with Outlook – allowing me to keep everything in sync. If you love the web based google calendar, but are forced to use Outlook, this is a great tool. Before giving it a whirl, back up your Outlook calendar. This is really useful as you may have problems getting the initial sync just right. I had some issues with events being duplicated and other deleted. Fortunately, I was able to get everything back in order, but just be cautious. Overall, the tool seems to work well. The best part is that this allows me to use gmail for all of my email functions. Previously the weakness of gmail was meeting invites. For Outlook to show my calendar availability correctly, I could not respond to meeting requests via Gmail. Now, I simply add the event to GCal, let it automatically sync, and I am set. This goes a long way in alleviating the hassle and stress of maintaining multiple calendars and inboxes. I pull everything to one place and streamline my activity – saving time and making sure I show up where I supposed to be.

Google Calendar Sync: Getting Started