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google alertsIs somebody talking about you on the web? Is your competition making important news that you are unaware of? Are they putting up a Wal-Mart in your town? Is the A-Team coming on a reunion tour to your local VFW? You can answer these and other burning questions with Google Alerts. GoogleAlerts will keep tabs on specific terms and then e-mail you as they appear in the news and on the web. Just enter a search term and you will automatically be kept in the know any time it appears on the web. Google alerts will send you an e-mail either once a day or as it detects new information, keeping you in the loop at all times. I have just started to use this, so I don't have any raving reviews yet, but the tool seems pretty interesting in theory. Admittedly it does border on being too concerned with being up to date, but as GI Joe says "knowing is half the battle." Now I just need a tool for the other 1/2 of said battle. By the way just what is that half? I would guess it is "actually doing something with what you now know." You may disagree. Still the first half is definitely knowing, and Google alerts will certainly cover you there.

Voice your opinion, Check out Google Alerts and tell us what you think. Is it a great way to keep up with the things that matter to you in the world or an enormous time waster, providing complete information overload?

Google Alerts