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Hel Of A Show

helveticaYes I am cutting back on Television for 2009.  There is however, one exception and that is PBS.  Case in point is the program I caught over the weekend – Independent Lens, Helvetica.  This show is all about the story of the font Helvetica.

It seems sort of strange to think that someone invented Helvetica, as it is such a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, but sure enough someone did.  The film solicits opinions from numerous sources on the merits and short-comings of the all too familiar typeface.  It tracks the history of the font, from its inception in Switzerland to its explosion as a staple of modern design. It is fascinating to listen to the passionate views people have about this font that most of us take for granted.  It is also amazing to see just how many of the company logos we know and love utilize Helvetica in some way.

I personally am a fan of Helvetica.  In fact, PBS has a quiz on the web site for the show where you can match a font to your personality based on your responses to a set of questions.  It appears that, according to this quiz, I am Helvetica.  Who knew?  If you are interested in graphic design or just love a good documentary, I would recommend watching Helvetica.

Independent Lens . HELVETICA | PBS