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I blog for a living…

Ask me on Monday what I do, and I will answer “I blog for a living.” Starting next week, I will be in charge of Marketing for Lucrum, a Cincinnati based Information Technology consulting firm. I am leaving Hafenbrack Marketing with a head full knowledge, and countless fond memories. Hafenbrack is truly the best place I have ever worked. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at Hafenbrack is wonderful. It is not easy to leave, but the opportunity with Lucrum is one that I just could not pass up. I will be tasked with numerous traditional marketing objectives, AND more importantly with utilizing blogs, wikis, podcasts, and social media to take the company’s marketing in an entirely new direction. More on the new opportunity soon. For now, I would like to publicly thank Dave Hafenbrack, and everyone at Hafenbrack Marketing for making every day I was there great. I will miss you all. Luckily, you will be able to keep up with me here and elsewhere in cyberspace. Not to mention that I will still make my presence known regularly in Dayton. Wish me luck.