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I met Seth Godin today

Seth Godin has been an inspiration to me for well over a decade. His books, podcasts, TED talks, courses, thousands of blog posts, and occasional email exchanges have given me a steady stream of good advice and insight day after day, year after year. Today I got to give him a scharffenberger chocolate bar, shake his hand, welcome him to Ohio, and thank him in person for his contribution to my life. He was every bit as cool in person as he is elsewhere. I only got to spend a couple minutes talking to him before they whisked him onstage, but it was great to share a little gratitude with a guy who’s given me, and so many others like me so much help. Making the day even better, I then got to sit front row and watch him deliver a masterful presentation that covered darn near his full body of work. I left the presentation fired up and ready to get out there and make a ruckus, and once again I feel compelled to say “Thanks Seth!”