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Ideal Ideas or No Idea? Creative Class Dayton

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comOver on Dayton OS, Greg Hunter published a post about the 5 ideas that the Creative Class Dayton came up with following a recent 2 day meeting they held. There is also a story about it in the Dayton Daily News. The group is working with author and scholar Richard Florida to develop ways to reinvigorate Dayton. They seek ways to capitalize on area talent, tolerance, technology, and territorial assets – Florida’s 4 T’s. Here are the initial ideas the creative class came up with:

• Film Dayton: Launch a film festival in Dayton, establishing a seed fund for aspiring movie makers and leveraging the area’s 30 to 40 film professionals into a new industry. The effort would work with three film festivals already held in Dayton to create a local film scene.

• Innovation Collaborative: Bring artists and engineers together to exchange new ideas. Dayton has 50 percent more engineers and 5 percent more artists than the national average, according to an analysis by the Creative Class Group.

• Young Creatives Summit: Involve people under age 40 in more non-profit boards to include them in the area’s decision making.

• Community Pride: Raise awareness of Dayton’s diversity and assets, starting with showcasing the area better at the Dayton International Airport, the largest introduction to Dayton for visitors.

• Dayton Creative Incubator: Using the technology incubator concept, put “techies” and artists together under one roof to bring them to life.

Overall, I think these are pretty good ideas. I will be interested to see the tactical plans for launching them, as with anything, execution is key. I also am confused on the difference between the Innovative Collaborative and the Dayton Creative Incubator. I am sure that there is one, I just don’t have enough details to discern what it is. I also wonder about the exclusion of the aging boomer population. With so many boomers reaching retirement age, that would seem to me to be a key group to consider. I am not sure how this taps into that demographic, but maybe it is not supposed to. I am glad to see people trying to do something to make a change. If any one of these ideas could get off the ground, I believe it would have a definite positive impact on the city. But that is just me. What do you think? Are these the right 5 areas upon which Dayton should focus? Are these ideas sound? Cast your vote in the poll below, and leave a comment if you care to elaborate on your vote.

The Five Ideas – What Do You Think? : DaytonOS