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2 Groups, 1 Goal, & 9 (plus 2) Tips

Seth GodinAs a marketing geek coming out of two weeks of sales training, this post from Seth Godin’s blog rings very true in my world. The integration of sales and marketing is so important – and sadly so rare. It seems that though these two groups share the goal of generating revenue, something always manages to get lost in translation. Sales sees marketing as ivory tower, know it all types, and marketing sees sales as pushy, lazy, and overly coddled. Neither view is accurate. Sales is tough. It is full of pressure. It is also a lot of fun. There is a real rush that comes from hearing the word “Yes,” and knowing you have solved someone’s problem. (and earned a commission) Marketing requires immense creative energy, strategic planning, and can be very rewarding…or very frustrating. Neither is an exact science, and both work better with the help of the other. Get these groups working together instead of in competition with one another, and you will set your organization on a track toward success. If you could only get sales and marketing to cooperate – but how? Check out Seth’s post for 9 (plus 2) tips.

Seth’s Blog: Nine things marketers ought to know about salespeople (and two bonuses)