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If I Was in Charge of Rolling Rock…

Week 2 in my series of “If I was in charge.” I discovered that it is more difficult than I thought to pick a company. Inspiration comes from many sources, and tonight, it happens to come “from the glass lined tanks of Old Latrobe.” – Rolling Rock.

So, if I was in Charge of Rolling Rock, the first thing I would do would be to continue to play up the mysterious 33 on the back of the bottle by creating a Twitter type of microblog on the web site. It would ask you to tell your Rolling Rock story, or just share a comment using only 33 words. This would be fun to do, and might create some interesting tales about Rolling Rock.

Here is mine.

I drank my first Rolling Rock in Springfield, Ohio in 1992. My second one had a lemon in it. Delicious. I love the story of 33. Very mysterious. Painted label. Great summer beer.

Now, I would then continue to reposition the brand to be more “Yellow Springs, Ohio” or “Athens, Ohio” and I would redesign the web site to reflect that.  It would be much less branded and contrived, and much more down to earth.  I would make the content far more user driven, and I would find ways to get people involved in the brand.  I would get someone like Trey Anastasio to play a private show at the brewery – inviting loyal consumers to attend and chronicle the experience.   Sticking with the music idea, I might pick a few small target markets, like Dayton, and invest in supporting the local music scene.  I would include bands from these cities in the event with  Trey, using them as opening acts.  I would create a community and then engage them.

So, if you were in charge of Rolling Rock, what would be the first thing you would do? If the answer is drink free beer, than what is the second thing?