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If the Lights Go Out

JudeEvery now and then I get some free time and can write and record some music. My latest song is called “If the Lights Go Out,” and it is dedicated to my son Jude, who has an undiagnosed neurological condition.

As a parent it is tough to see your child struggle, particularly when there are no easy answers to what’s causing his episodes or how to stop them.  In spite of all the challenges he faces, Jude never stops trying, never makes excuses, and never ceases to amaze me.  He is funny, brilliant, courageous, and kind, and when he sets his mind to achieve something he never gives up.

This one’s for you Jude.


If the Lights Go Out

Everyday is a reminder of just how powerless I am
Though I can’t keep you from falling, I will catch you if I can

If the lights go out,
I will hold you here in my arms
If the darkness comes, you can find me,
listen for the beating of my heart

Everyday I see you break down from the storm inside your mind
Though I don’t know how to stop it, know I’ll never stop the fight

Oh how I wish I knew
ust how to ease your mind
Know that I’m here for you.
I’ll hold your hand
and guide you through to find the light

Everyday my eyes are opened by the thoughts that you explain
Oh I wish I knew the answer to the mystery in your brain


*Special thanks to my good friend Derek Wade for adding the electric guitar track on this one.