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It’s Back! Returns

inbubblewrapA few years ago I discovered an amazing web site called  The site gave away free books every day.  All that was required was to answer 2 random questions created by Ryan a.k.a. In Bubble Guy.  Not only did I win a handful of books, but the site also tipped me off to great books that I might actually want to purchase.

Sadly, on July 7th, 2007,  In Bubble Guy retired and the site retired with him.  It was a dark time…

But it turns out that In Bubble Guy has a brother, Dylan.  Not long ago, Dylan resurrected the site, and lives again.  The site has shifted from daily giveaways to weekly offerings, which I think is a good move anyway.  Daily was tough to keep up with, and I inevitabley missed out a few times a week.  This pace is easy to keep up with, and still offers the same giveaway goodness as version 1.0.

I made the discovery that the site was back late last week, and as luck would have it, was fortunate enough to win on my first try.  WOOT!  I picked up a copy of The Smartest Guys in The Room, which chronicles the Enron debacle.  I can’t wait to read it.

Additionally, the parent site of, is featuring a book and companion web site called the 100 Best Business Books of All Time. The book is a sort of Cliff’s Notes guide to the best books for people in business.  It looks like it would be a really good reference manual for any professional who enjoys picking a a book and in search of new ideas.  While I have read about 1/2 of the books listed, and there are several that I have never heard of.  I am looking forward to trying to check them off the list one by one in the coming year.  Should be fun.  Hopefully I can win a few more of them courtesy of

Thanks to the IBW crew for sending me the book and for bringing back one of the best sites on the web.