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Join Ella’s Cancer Crushers

My daughter Ella has been through a lot in her young life.  She is an amazing little girl, and regularly makes me a proud father.  Yesterday she wrote and then sent the following message to family and friends.  She is creating a team to increase community awareness of cancer and raise money for cancer research.  I asked her if I could share her message on my site, and perhaps reach more people who would be willing to join the cause.  She agreed.  The following is her message.  I encourage you to join her fight.  Thanks!

Ella's Cancer CrushersDear Friends and Family,

This summer I became a cancer survivor.  I was lucky that my cancer was caught very early and did not spread.  I also realized that no one should have to go through cancer.  I know how scary it is when you hear the word cancer which is why I want to help find a cure for cancer.  I am only seven so I can’t really research for cancer cures but I can still help by raising money for the people that do and for the people with cancer.

My hope is to do several walks to raise money for different cancer types this year.  A couple of years ago I did the Dayton Breast Cancer walk and decided that this year it would be my first walking team.  I hope to raise $500 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.    I would love for all of my friends and family who supported me through my own cancer experience to join me on this walk.  If you can’t do this walk don’t worry you are still on my team!

Here is the event information.
2011 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Saturday October 15th
10 am Dayton Dragons Fifth Third Field

I am registered as a team captain our team name is Ella’s Cancer Crushers .

I would love to see you all there!
Ella Bowman aka Ella B