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Less of That…

LessofThatSo I posted my list of things that I am going to do more of, but time does not come in an infinite supply.  Thus in order to accomplish more of what I want to do, I offer up a list of things I hope to do less of in 2009.

In 2009 I plan to do less:

  • Checking My Email – Yes email is a necessary evil, but it can become a colossal distraction.  Attention management is key to success for 2009, and email represents a huge obstacle as it is a constant distraction.  My strategy is to check it much less, take immediate action on messages, make more calls to take advantage of windshield time, and get out of my inbox.
  • Watching Television – This is a no-brainer.  I try to keep TV to a minimum, but it is tough.  I still find myself watching reruns of shows that I have seen 5 times, when I should be sleeping.  No cable makes it easier, but still I can do more to watch less.  So this year I hope to watch just a few select shows and eliminate much of my surfing time.
  • Eating Fast Food – I love fast food.  I know it is terrible for me, but damn is it tasty.  Still, I know that I can easily eliminate much of it from my diet pretty easily.  I know I will not get rid of this vice completely, but less is attainable.
  • Mindless Web Surfing – Much like television, the web represents an endless stream of distractions.  I plan to be more disciplined about where and when I surf the web.  Yes there is value in exploration, but I have a lot to accomplish.  I will let others do more exploring and point me in the right direction.
  • Complaining – I am so lucky in so many ways.  Yeah, I know I will bitch and moan about things in 2009, but I need to keep it to a minimum.  Complaints should be accompanied by suggestions and solutions, and not just empty whining.    I want to be a source of positive energy, and complaining does not jive with that so well.
  • Worrying – Just a waste of time.  It is good to be cautious.  It is good to be careful.   It is silly to worry about that which we can’t control.  Worrying drains physical and psychological energy, and takes us out of the moment.  Damn if that Bobby McFerrin wasn’t right.  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

So there is my less of list for 2009.  What about you?  What will you attempt to eliminate or reduce in 2009?