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Looking Good Dave

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comThe Downtown Dayton Partnership has launched a brand new – and very nice might I add – web site. Thanks to Dayton Most Metro for pointing me to it. Anyway, as I was checking it out, I saw a link called My Downtown. It sounded interesting, so I clicked. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered a profile of Dave Hafenbrack, my former boss and current friend. Dave tells the story of how Hafenbrack Marketing moved to Downtown Dayton, and how that move that invigorated the business. Dave states, “Moving downtown was the best business decision I’ve ever made.” “Our business soared, and employee morale and productivity went with it. We wanted to reinvent ourselves, and downtown Dayton offered exactly what we had in mind.” Having been at Hafenbrack during this time, I heartily agree. The site also features stories about CareSource, Boston Stoker, and Dayton Primary Urgent Care. If marketing is all about storytelling, then this site is right on the mark. Nice work DDP.

Downtown Dayton Partnership