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Marketing Braketology by Brand Autopsy

Marketing Braketology by Brand AutopsyYes this is another post about John Moore, but I promise that I won’t talk about his upcoming gig here in Dayton. This is about something cool I found on his site Brand Autopsy last week – Marketing Bracketology. John did his own version of March Madness by polling his readers to determine the National Champion Marketing Blog for 2007. The winner was the Marketing Profs Daily Fix. Congrats to them for the victory. What I think is the best part of the whole thing is not the contest but the fact that it features links to 64 marketing blogs – most of which I had never heard of. If you are interested in finding some fresh takes on marketing, check out the brackets. Take some time and scope out the sites. You may find some new gems. Thanks John.

Brand Autopsy: The Bracketology Winner