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MKTFYI – The Pilot Episode

About two years ago Kevin Dugan and I were talking over a cup of coffee in Mt. Adams in Cincinnati.  We were chatting about all things nerdy, marketing happenings, community events, and sharing other miscellaneous tidbits of knowledge.  We had so much fun just talking and riffing that day, and at the end of our conversation we said something along the lines of “we should have recorded this and posted in on the web.”  That parting statement led to a couple years of periodic emails back and forth between us saying, you know we really should create a podcast series where the two of us and others talk shop.  We planned, explored ideas, tried Google Wave to organize thoughts, gave up on Google Wave to organize thoughts, made things overly complicated, put the thing on the back-burner, repeatedly commented on how to revive the idea, and simply procrastinated on making it happen.

Finally, on the heels of a great day and another great conversation at SummitUp 2010, Kevin and I decided to just move the thing forward.  No format. no agenda.  Keep it simple, fun, and easy.  So, last Friday Kevin and I hopped on the phone, fired up garage band, hit record and started rambling.  The result is MKTFYI – The Pilot Episode.  The audio is embedded below.

In our pilot edition we do a recap of the SummitUp conference, sharing our respective thoughts on the day.  We also discuss ways to bring the cool kids from Cincinnati and Dayton who were at SummitUp to get together more often.  (Social Media Breakfast in West Chester???).  Kevin also shares his thoughts on the newly launched Starbucks digital network, and I pick his brain on the wisdom of Starbucks announcement that it will start serving beer and wine in certain stores.


This being the pilot episode, we are just getting started with the project.  Future episodes will feature guest speakers, various topics, and other silliness and surprises.  As described in the intro, this is a periodic podcast series, that will likely be published every few weeks in a completely irregular fashion.  While a set schedule would drive more traffic, we are more concerned with just having fun chatting when time allows.  If you choose to listen, I hope you enjoy.   Thanks to Kevin for agreeing to take part in this little science project.  I look forward to seeing where it takes us, and to learning something from each and every conversation we share.