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I love music.  It has been an important part of my life, all of my life.   Here are a few of the songs I have written and recorded.



One Truth Remains

If the Lights Go Out

I Ain’t Giving Up On You Love

Life Saver

Light Your Way 

Stay Strong 

About My Time

On in Waves

Here are some more tunes.  I’ll soon migrate these to Soundcloud too.

Dream of Me Never give up hope. Never give up on your dreams.

Home She said “yes” and we lived happily ever after.

Inside Out A song about change.  Derek Wade, my friend and long time collaborator, plays guitar on this one

Ol Hamm Crowe – Fun little bluesy number.

From 8th Grade until well into my late 20’s I made music with Derek Wade, Dustin Wade, and a few drummers – most notably Rob Fenwick and Kyle Steinfadt.   We were known as Grafton for most of those years.  Here are a few of the many songs we wrote.

Where We Stand

The Legend of Clyde

The Shape of What Surrounds

My Place