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Jack Johnson and Curious George

This is an example of what I see as true synergy for a father. Jack Johnson doing the soundtrack for the upcoming Curious George movie. Let me explain. My daughter just turned two. Last Halloween she dressed up as Curious George and I was the Man with the Yellow Hat. We had a great time begging for candy and we shared a great father-daughter moment. My daughter and I also both share a love for the music of Jack Johnson. She regularly requests for daddy to play “On and On” or “Crying Shame” in the car stereo, or for Daddy to sing along with her to Jack’s tunes while we build towers. (and then tear them down) She knows the words to his songs almost as well as I do. Thus, I am very excited to see that Jack Johnson is writing and performing the music to the new Curious George movie. I look forward to having another collection of Jack’s tunes that we can enjoy together and play repeatedly. The movie looks like it will be fun too. Will Ferrell is the man with the Yellow Hat. (I thought I played the role quite well, but was not approached by the Producers.) Jack has a new video from the soundtrack. It is for the song “Upside Down,” and it can be found on his website (look in bonus video section). The track is great, and the video features him hanging out with George and his buddies. It is my hope that my daughter will share some more great moments thanks to Jack and George. Check it out and voice your opinions on Jack Johnson by leaving a comment below.