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Oh how I miss bracketology!

One of the worst things about being downsized 2006 NCAA mens bracket4.jpgout of your job in the spring is that you miss out on the brackets for March Madness. While I am no gambler, I love to fill out the brackets, and follow my predictions to their disasterous end. Typically I am done by the end of day one, but it is always fun to see how you fare versus your co-workers. So as you fill out your brackets this year, think of me. I will be busy looking for my next job opportunity so that in March of 2007, I am not left out of the fun. By the way, in last year’s tournament I correctly picked UNC to win it all. I must admit that my pick has less to do with my psychic powers or sports knowledge, and more to do with the fact that I pick the Tarheels every year. This year is no exception, but the brackets will sit all alone on my desktop. (Go Heels!) North Carolina is actually playing right up the road at the UD arena in the opening round of the tourney. With tickets going for upwards of $1,000 and me still looking for employment, I think I will settle for CBS in the basement.

As a note, Microsoft is offering a modified Excel Spreadsheet to fill out your brackets, complete with a tracker.
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2006 NCAA men’s bracket w/tracker