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Olympic Fun

Olympic FunFor the past week I have been completely enthralled with the Olympics.  It is funny, because in the days leading up to the games I was not really all that excited about them.   With the exception of 3 nights of synchronized diving, (Seriously… this should be a 30 second highlight reel, not 3 nights of prime time.) I have been fairly captivated.

Like me, many people have been closely following these Beijing Games.  I will certainly remember the opening ceremony, Michael Phelps and his domination, and I am sure the coming week of games will deliver more momorable moments.

Still one of my favorite Olympic moments was not an actual moment at all, but rather a spoof delivered courtesy of Saturday Night Live.  I remember when this aired.  It cracked me up then, and still does today.  Phil Hartman might just be the most underrated comedian of all time.  Check it out.