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Pizza, Dayton Style…

I love to eat pizza. All kinds of it. As an undergrad at Wright State, I worked at Flying Pizza, where they were kind enough to let me take home a big box of slices every night. I lived on the stuff and love it to this day. As it happens, Southwestern Ohio is home to an astounding number of great and very different pizza joints – New York Style, Deep Dish, Gourmet, Dine In, Carry-Out, and even Dayton Style. Flying Pizza, LaRosas, Pizza Factory, Joe’s, Marion’s, Cassano’s, Dewey’s, and on and on. Not to mention the usual list of national pizza chains that blanket the area. Checking out BoingBoing today, and came across a story about types of pizza by region. Viewing this as vital information. I felt obliged to dig deeper. So off to the site Slice I went. The story is pretty good, discussing how “pizza” differs across the country. My search then led to a site called Serious Eats – where as I scanned the comments, I came upon a discussion of “Dayton Style” pizza. This is the thin, crispy style which is usually cut into squares. Great reading as people discuss something we take for granted round these here parts. What makes Southwestern, Ohio great? Pizza is definitely high on the list for me. Boy am I hungry. Luckily, we are having Flying Pizza (New York and Sicilian style for the record) for lunch today for my going away party here at Hafenbrack. What Pizza joint do you love?

For those questioning the “Gary Sandy” thumbnail on the homepage, visit Marion’s.

Serious Eats: Talk: How many different kinds of regional variations of pizza exist?