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Prove Me Wrong

I believe that instead of putting Children First, The Springboro School  Board is going to continue to try to focus public attention on tangential political issues designed to shift people’s attention and divide our community.

I believe that instead of trusting our teachers and administrators to prepare our kids for the future, The Springboro School  Board will continue to try to inject extreme political ideology into our educational curriculum.

I believe that instead of following the wishes of parents and teachers and the recommendations of our police chief, The Springboro School  Board is going to try to make an unnecessary and unsafe political statement by arming our educators with guns under the guise of school safety.

I believe that instead of adding to the successful legacy of our schools and multiplying the educational opportunities available to our children, The Springboro School  Board is going to subtract from the quality of our schools, the education of our children, and the value of our homes and divide our community in any way possible, which equals a tragic failure of leadership.

I believe that instead of viewing the turnover of 4 of the 6 district principals, the business manager, numerous teachers, and other key employees as a giant red flag, The Springboro School  Board is going to feel emboldened by these departures believing that you will now have even more operational control over the direction of the district.

I believe that instead of listening to the concerns of parents and taxpayers about a potential teacher strike, The Springboro School  Board will continue to send belittling or bullying email messages – copying attorneys, demanding sources for public opinions, and distributing mythical propaganda to parents and taxpayers as they try to shirk their leadership responsibilities.

I believe that instead of negotiating in good faith with our teachers to produce a win-win outcome, The Springboro School  Board is going to willfully push them to strike, which will be a devastating loss for our entire community.

I believe that instead of viewing me as a taxpayer and more importantly, a caring parent with legitimate concerns about my children’s future, and then actually listening to what I and so many others have to say, The Springboro School  Board and their minions will attack, dismiss, ignore, and use their Machiavellian tactics to try to silence me and others who are standing up and speaking out in our community.

Here’s the thing.  These are only my beliefs. I am not omniscient or omnipotent.  I could be wrong about all of these things.  In fact, the irony of this entire situation is that with every single one of my assertions, it is The Springboro School  Board who has the power to prove me right or prove me wrong. They are our elected leaders. They’ve got the power.  So Springboro School Board, if what I’m saying is wrong, prove it.

Prove me wrong.


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