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Back in the summer of 2006, I wrote this post about a running program that I was starting: Run Like Hell, Walk Like Hell…repeat | davidebowman

Well, I managed to complete the 1 month program, but alas, my running ended shortly thereafter.

I am happy to report that I am back at it again.  I have been running for a couple weeks now, and I am starting to actually feel some of the benefits – although my knees and ankles might beg to differ.  I am determined to stay with it this time.

I am starting with the same program yet again, as I think it is a great way to get back into running quickly and relatively painlessly.

  • 1R , 4W x 6 times. Week 1
  • 1R , 3W x 7 times. Week 2
  • 2R, 3W x 6 times. Week 3
  • 2R, 2W x 7 times. Week 4
  • 3R, 3W x 5 times. Week 5
  • 3R, 2W x 6 times. Week 6
  • 3R, 1W x 7 times. Week 7
  • 4R, 2W x 5 times. Week 8
  • 4R, 1W x 6 times. Week 9
  • FULL Running for 30 minutes.

R = Run, W = Walk,

Total Time = 30 minutes per day

Just over a month from now I will be running full speed for 1/2 an hour, covering several miles every morning.  For now, I am mixing running with walking to build up my endurance, and strengthen my body.  I am in week 3 and already covering over 2.5 miles per run / walk – not bad for just a few weeks.

My day now starts with writing until I fill up 3 blank notebook pages and then pounding the pavement for 30 minutes.  So, on most days, by 6:30 a.m. I will have created 3 pages of new writing, run a few miles, and drank the first 2 of several cups of delicious coffee.   A great way to start the day.