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Save Time, Do More:, I discovered that it’s possible to post to my blog from If you are not familiar with, well…it is one of the most amazing and useful services that you can find. Jott offers free voice to text translation. So when you are in your car and think of that great idea, simply call Jott, leave a message, and voila – you get an email with both a text transcription of your message as well as the original audio. Now for safety and convenience, I recommend putting it in your speed dial – mine is in speed dial 9. (Goog411, the other most amazing phone tool I know of, is speed dial 4.) Well, as I stated above, Jott can not only send you an email message, but you can also use it to send messages to others and post directly to Google Calendar, WordPress Blogs, Toodledo, Remember the Milk, Twitter, and numerous other web tools. Jott is one of the rare productivity tools that actually might make you more productive. What tools will you use to make 2008 your most productive year yet?