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Speak Up for Autism Votes in Ohio

OhioAutismVotesMy friend Jon Brooks, who is the parent of an autistic child, an autism reform advocate, and who founded and helps to run Roads to Recovery – a parent founded, 501 (c) (3) non profit organization serving families in the greater Dayton area who face autism spectrum disorders – recently sent me a link to the site Autism Votes.  Autism Votes is the political arm of the group Autism Speaks.  The organization is currently working to gain passage of Ohio House Bill 8.  This bill would provide major autism insurance reform to the State of Ohio, a state where private health insurance companies are not required to cover treatment of autism spectrum disorders.  With Autism affecting so many families, and early treatment so critical in outcome, this bill is very important.

Here is text from the Autism Votes site that further explains the bill:

HB 8 Heads to House Floor for Vote Soon!

The effort to bring meaningful autism insurance reform to Ohio continues!

House Bill 8, which would require private health insurance companies to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder, will be heading to the House Floor for a vote very soon. We need the support of every legislator in the House to ensure the success of this critical legislation. A strong, clear message must be heard by all House Representatives: Autism is treatable. Insurance should cover treatment.

Please contact your representative and ask them to vote “YES” on HB 8 when it comes to the House floor. You can send them an e-mail and personalize your letter through the website HERE! Tell your Representative that you are a constituent, that this legislation means a great deal to your family, and that you expect their support.

The link above takes you to a web based form that takes less than one minute to complete.  Doing so will let your representative know that you support this bill, and hopefully move this closer to becoming law.  Make your voice heard.  I encourage you to please take a minute and help change life for families across Ohio.  Your opinion matters, and it could not be easier to express your support.