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Springboro Schools: Dare to Compare

In recent weeks, I have written several posts outlining my appreciation for the teachers and schools in Springboro.  Many have agreed with me.  Some have disagreed.  Others have been just plain aggravated.  My intent is not to tell you or anyone how to think, but rather to present facts and personal experiences and then offer my assessment.  In the spirit of this idea, this post is short on words and long on data.   The embedded slideshow uses recent data from the Ohio Department of Education to compare Springboro schools to the following:

  • Oakwood Schools – Widely recognized as a leading performer in public education, Oakwood is currently the top ranked district in the region.
  • Ohio Public Schools – All public schools in Ohio.
  • Ohio LP Charter Schools – Charter schools in the state of Ohio that are not focused on serving impoverished areas.  They have low instances of poverty in the student body, similar to Springboro, and thus serve as a more analogous comparison to the district.
  • Ohio Charter Schools – All Charter schools in Ohio.

Review the data and ask yourself:

  • How does Springboro compare to the top district in the region and one of the best districts in the state?
  • How does Springboro compare to public schools?
  • How does Springboro compare to charter schools and charter schools that serve similar populations in terms of economic status.
  • How do public schools perform relative to charter schools?
  • Will charter schools be likely to strengthen and improve our district?
  • Is exploring charter schools a worthwhile investment of limited taxpayer funds or would that money be better spent on our existing school system?

I know how I would answer these questions.  I will leave it to you to review the data and draw your own conclusions.


*Important Note: This study cost the taxpayers of Springboro nothing.